Plastic Bottles are Banned at SFO; I’m for it.

First things First; this is Why just Anyone can’t have a Nuclear Bomb.

Elon Musk wants to drop Nuclear Bombs on Mars, good grief. It’s not enough to destroy the only planet in the Universe (it’s a really big place) that we know of able to support life. In particular Our Lives along with the only living creatures we know for a fact exists. Billionaires dream large I suppose it’s part of the genetic makeup or something like that.

Mount Everest, covered in plastic.

Then there are people that shouldn’t have plastic things; Nepal has banned all plastic water bottles from Mount Everest. Does that mean we are back in the days of the good old canteen? That wouldn’t be so bad, many of us already use aluminum or stainless steel bottles versus plastic. The reason is the nature loving, mountain adoring climbers don’t pick up their trash. (They pay people to do that right?)

Now this is kind of funny or not so much maybe. My wife and I are flying to Denver to see our newest Grand-daughter, she was born in March and this is the earliest we could make it. For the life of me I can’t think of a reason why we were delayed except that everything I do can wait until tomorrow. Being older we struggled with the airline reservations, it truly was easier just a few decades ago, before all of the third parties got involved. Why isn’t there a “Print Ticket” button on the site? It sure wasn’t made on WordPress that’s evident.

Plastic water bottles are banned from San Francisco International Airport, it’s great news as it’s a start to possibly clean up our mess. Here’s the fun part; Metal bottles will not make it through the security screening. If water is desired a re-usable vessel must be purchased, the going price $30.00. No well played hand is complete until all the cards are laid down, on the return trip I can’t bring that $30.00 container past the security checkpoint. Consequently a new one will have to be purchased, we can leave those from the arriving flight for my daughter and son-in-law, pretending they are gifts. With each purchase one free re-fill is granted, I was expecting so much less.

Yes this would do, now with a paper straw?

Any price is a bargain if it helps to clear the planet of plastics, when faced with the actual cost there is a bit of sticker shock. I am dedicated to supporting cleaning up the plastics in the oceans and waterways. I donate $20.00 to the 4Oceans project; my plan is monthly contributions. You probably have seen the ads flaring up everywhere, it’s a personal choice as how to help or not; I’ve accepted this organization. They pick up one pound of plastic, and as a thank you a bracelet made of the recycled bottles is sent to me. I don’t think it’s a scam, I did a little research but I’ve been fooled before; I’m sold on these guy’s for now.

This will post Monday we’ll be on our way home with our $30.00 mugs, maybe I can get one with the S.F. Giants logos. With luck the 4Oceans project may be selling theirs in a kiosk, once again I’ll be sold on it.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

2 responses to “Plastic Bottles are Banned at SFO; I’m for it.”

  1. Plastic bottles. If we only knew when we came up with cheaper and convenient that one day it would cost fortunes to rid ourselves of them. In my old house, we used plastic flooring that was recycled from milk bottles. The choice was not green as much as durability and the look and ease of care. Anyway finding the right organization to contribute to that can have an impact and use most of the money toward the cause and not administrative costs is always a challenge.


  2. I have been thinking lately if it would be possible to press the plastic into bricks and use them as building materials. Maybe build a house with them, they would work great as floors, like your milk bottles.


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