Hey Rome! Good Luck with your Feral Hog Invasion; Look to Texas for Encouragement.

Italy has a wild Hog problem of epic proportions. They are roaming around the outskirts of Rome. Due to the Cities decision to stop collecting garbage. At first it was kind of a novelty to the residents watching the Piglets sniff around the trash laying around. They are now everywhere, in Parks and roaming the streets.

There’s one of the cuddly little devils now! Notice the tusk, they are sharp.

The residents are terrified when leaving their homes, and have stopped taking their children to parks. The Sows naturally protect their young from predators; they became aggressive towards domesticated dogs out for a walk with their owners. But relief is on the way.

Wolves have followed them into the towns. Hybreds’ between domestic dogs and wild Wolves. Packs of them hunt and kill the pigs, but unfortunately they prefer a different prey. Sheep are much more attractive to the Apex predators than the Wild Boars. Just to throw a curve to the population they are not afraid of humans, their domestic canine genes are responsible for that. What a predictiment, there is no remedy in sight, nor none in the works by the local governments.

It brings to mind the Rabbit issue on the Island, predators have moved in here as well. Admittedly Rabbits are much more docile than wild Boars, and Foxes are Wolves prey. It’s the same situation on a much safer scale.

Rabbits are no comaprison to the Hogs.

Wild Boars make terrible neighbors, their habitat includes many of the places humans like to live. Isolated mountain slopes, wide open spaces with groves of trees and running water. Nice green grass, tender vegetable plants in gardens, and Golf courses; they are browsers of convienience. Typically several times a year news articles are run describing the incredable damage they cause in suburban areas. Rooting for grubs, the best way to describe the results is a rotor-tilled garden.

There are no Wolves in the Diablo Range to the West, but another Apex Predator roams the night. Mountain Lions are often caught in action on survelance and game cameras. One video was filled with action when onto the picture a Buck Deer leaped over a high fence into a swimming pool. Immediately behind it by seconds was a full grown Lion leaping the fence with the same grace as the Deer. The Buck was swimming around in the water while the Cat watched from the pool deck. He did not enter the water, they are capable of swimming but I suspect they are not successful hunters in the the water.

Some locals have serious problems with the Hogs, Texas, as I understand it have become overwhelmed by them. It is estimated between Two and Six million have populated 39 states and several Canadian Provences. Clearly 1/2 of them have chosen Texas as their stomping grounds. Some farmers are unable to plant a successful crop due to their relentless grubbing and roto-tillering; it’s a major problem in the Second largest State in the Union. I’m sure Texas has both Pumas’ and Wolves, neither have put much of a dent in the Hog population; to which I wish Italy Good Luck with that.

Fear not, our Federal Government is hot on the trail to fix this problem to the tune of 75 million dollars. Allocated to the States most affected; Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas. Estimated damage of 2 Billion American dollars make the Governments investment well worth the effort.

Hunting doesn’t help anything, they are a valuable game animal second only to White Tailed Deer. The various states Departments of Fish and Game encourages hunting them to curb the population, however it backfired. It didn’t work out as hoped because the hunters themselves became a problem. Some established private hunting compounds and moved the wild menances onto them, they were fenced in to contain them. Pigs dig, and they will dig their way out of a containment, escaping into the hinterlands they bred profusely. Most of their offspring survive, they are extremely hardy and adaptive to their environment. 60% to 80% have to be culled yearly to control the population, hunting is capable of about 1/2 of that amount. All the while new piglets are born, twice a year is normal, three times is not rare.

Two litters a year, at least. Let’s see 3 million x 10 = 30 million, that’s 1/2 the estimated population.

They originally were introduced in the 1500’s by the early settlers, they would release them into the wild then hunt them as needed. They rapidly over populated, the People of the First Nation hated them, the feral Hogs destroyed their food source. Native Americans would not hunt nor eat them as they found the meat repulsive.

An ISIS military attack was overtaken by Wild Hogs in Syria. The Terrorists were set up in a Corn Field staging an ambush, when a herd (?) of them rooted them out killing several. All of the fighters were at least injured, the Boars are terribly dangerous.

For Rome it is seriously doughtful now that they have established themselves that the battle is anywhere close to being over; merely picking up the trash may help, but they have most likely found a permanent home.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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