I’m on the Move again, Clear the Decks I’m adding a new blog, or Two.

I’ve been thinking of ways for Medium and WordPress to compliment one another, I have come up with my first attempt. I am posting during the week on WordPress; on the weekends will be two Medium posts. I have a need to re-organize (again) clear the decks to add another blog, let me tell you what I’m up to.

As it was I was posting some of my blogs on Medium after I posted on WordPress, they are all mine and original so that’s not a concern. What is, however, is each of these is blogging sites for original content. I’m still learning how Medium works, a good sign is they did not take issue with my re-posting but I suspect they will not publish content that has previously been posted. I’m alright with all of it, I joined both of them to write, now I will change my strategy.

It will make me a better writer, I will write for Medium under different categories. I don’t run short of ideas for my blogs but there are times when I want to write about related but distant subjects. On the Medium weekend blog, I will be writing about disabilities, I have a lot to say about it, none negative.

I first thought of writing about antique recipes, we have several cooking books from over 100 years ago. The problem with that is I am not a cook; I’m sure I would have to test some if not all of them before I put them in print. I had visions of the dishwashing also, major deterrent, I did not have the courage to enlist my wife. The “No” would have come out of her in record time. The Recipe blog is out, but it’s still a good idea for my wife to pursue.

My idea for a photography blog took the same direction, but that may still come to fruition I may be able to use my total lack of knowledge of photography to my advantage. There is a lot to it; that may be a statement with the least shock element, I believe everyone that ever picked up a camera has been mystified. Good Photographers are indeed true artist, all I want is to be able to take decent pictures for my blog. I am at the level of art when the most expensive equipment in the world won’t make a whisper of a difference when stacked against my lack of skill.

I found a 20-year-old Canon camera in the closet that belongs to my wife. She purchased it around 1998 to take pictures of houses she had for sale, back then it was state of the art. Now I look at it compared to some of the super-duper out there for sale instantly thinking I couldn’t possibly use this antique. It still takes decent pictures, it doesn’t have 4k or HD but the pictures are crisp with good colors, why not just use it?

It just so happens I read an article about this same subject, one I have been honestly thinking about for a month or more. As I mentioned above the equipment will not make me a better photographer, use what you have and make it work. That to me is great advice, it makes all the sense in the world, I have approached everything in my life with that plan. I will buy a new lens or two and use the antique Canon.

Allow me to make a comment about price, this old Camera is now worth around $100.00, the purchase price in 1998 was $1,000.00. An investment of $1300.00 would have to be made to buy a like model after all of these years, this is another consideration for using the antique. When I understand it I may consider the purchase of a new Camera, I may have no interest in photography after I get started, time will tell.

The challenge is now to spec out lenses, the magnification is tough to understand but I think I’m very close to peeling that onion. It’s a good procedure to take, most of the articles I have read along with videos have mentioned at the end no matter how versed I am in understanding magnification it still takes a bit of trial error. After receiving the lenses it must be ascertained if they will work for what I have intended them for. Which lead me to another realization, instruction.

As with everything else in this modern world Photography classes are widely available online, I’m thinking of taking a course at the local City College. My thought is to be immersed with younger people who are eager to learn and have lots of great questions.

A full 80% of every idea never happens as we hash them out in our minds we are constantly tossing great ideas in the trash bin. My idea trash bin has been overflowing for years, but I feel as if I may be on to a good idea with this amateur Photography idea.

I’ve cleared the decks in preparation for my next adventure, I will have two days to post an amateur photography blog. One more issue is some of us are afraid of people stealing our great ideas, I don’t fear that one bit, in fact, I just don’t care if it’s stolen or not. The first reason is I would most likely never know about it, and the second is that we all think different with the only similarity of a stolen empty page the project from two separate people would be totally different. I have a distinct advantage, I have no interest in making money from any of my blogs, I just want to write and be original, being copied is the greatest form of flattery.

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2 responses to “I’m on the Move again, Clear the Decks I’m adding a new blog, or Two.”

  1. Happy Writing! I read things on Medium but never actually thought of using it. I considered those authors professional and blogging her amateur. I’ll check out your new blogs. Will it just be posts under your name? I too love photography and have been gradually improving my skills. So, never have writer’s block? That’s great. I have days when I seem to have nothing to say until lightning strikes.


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